Currently, Annie's Antiques is OPEN

Friday-Saturday from 10:00AM-4:00PM or by appointment during the week.

Come check out our ever-changing inventory when lights are on or

for your scheduled visit!

Call us at (208)-264-8606 for more information.

Need some unique gift ideas? Make sure to stop by and check out timeless pieces to make any day special!

Antique Front 6
Antique Front 1
Antique 4
Antique 2
Antique 1
Antique 8
Antique 7
Antique Front 5
Antique 6
Antique Front 2
Antique 5
Antique 3
Beige Stove
Copper Washer
Bevelled Glass
Wood Center
Wood Panel and Chair
Dark Wood Center
Orange Opalescent
Dark Wood Center.jpeg
Bevelled Glass .jpeg
Orange Opalescent .jpeg
Copper Washer.jpeg