Currently, Annie's Antiques is OPEN by appointment only for the winter season. You may schedule an appointment with our lovely 

Jan at (208)-264-8606.

Need some unique gift ideas for an upcoming occasion?

Annie's Antique offers a plethora of both handcrafted and thoughtfully curated items. Stop in to find your new treasure this season!


For upcoming news, Jan wants our community to know that Friday November 25th, fresh cut Christmas trees will be available for sale just as years past. We will also be hosting our annual Annie's Orchard Holiday Festival with handmade items readily available for YOUR gift ideas this season. Stay tuned for updates! 

Antique Front 6
Antique Front 1
Antique 4
Antique 2
Antique 1
Antique 8
Antique 7
Antique Front 5
Antique 6
Antique Front 2
Antique 5
Antique 3
Beige Stove
Copper Washer
Bevelled Glass
Wood Center
Wood Panel and Chair
Dark Wood Center
Orange Opalescent
Dark Wood Center.jpeg
Bevelled Glass .jpeg
Orange Opalescent .jpeg
Copper Washer.jpeg