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Wildfire Landscaping, a division of Annie's Orchard, exists to help you create a beautiful, defensible space around one of your biggest assets... your home.

Choosing to live in beautiful North Idaho can come with some unique challenges, and with wildfire season becoming more and more dangerous, you should be ready with a plan. That's where we come in. 

Wildfire Landscaping can create a beautiful, unique landscape/hardscape around your home, that serves a purpose. We create peace of mind for you that you've done all you can to protect your home, and its occupants, if the worst were to ever happen.

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The partnership between Annie's Orchard and Wildfire Landscaping means that we can plan, create, and source your materials all right here from Annie's Orchard, allowing us to complete your project much faster using our on-site labor.


Using a mix of hardscape, such as the above pavers, and thoughtful design will allow you to enjoy the beauty around you without having to think about the reasons why you might need wildfire landscaping.


We enjoy blending natural elements to bring you the durable, functional, and useful outdoor area you dream of.

Call us at 208.266.1245 to inquire about your Wildfire Landscaping needs.

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