Annie's Orchard Welcomes Autumn!

Annie's Orchard wants to thank our amazing customers for participating in the multiple specials run this 2021 season. Our seasonal specials highlighted ALL plants including perennials, shrubs, ornamentals, edibles, and more! We've had such a great run this season, despite the harsh effects of wildfires and the intense heat spell that hung over our PNW region. We're more than happy with the rainy weather trickling through our forecast and are eager to see how the season concludes. As the season winds down, Annie's Orchard will be moving plants to pallets to consolidate and spruce up the yard. We look forward to seeing our customers meander through the orchard to check out end of the year inventory and let us know what you'd like to see next season! 

Speaking of the 2022 growing season, Annie's Orchard is taking pre-orders for next year's landscaping projects and garden inspirations! Call 208-266-1245 to connect with an AO employee to discuss bringing in your specific variety and/or quantity of plants for next season. 

Annie's Has Your Firewood Needs COVERED! 

 Annie's Orchard is more than thrilled to announce that we are offering split and delivered firewood to new and pre-existing customers! We understand how difficult wood heat sources can be to track down, especially heading into the chilly start of winter. Due to the long-lasting heat spell and extreme fire warnings we experienced in the PNW region this season, many people were unable to adequately supply their firewood needs. For $225.00 a cord, our customers receive cleanly split 16" long pieces of quality fir that has been dead-standing for one year. Call 208-266-1245 to schedule your firewood before the snow settles. 

We continue to take every measure we can to protect our customers from COVID-19 and as always encourage customers to call ahead and arrange curbside pick-up in order to limit contact. Feel free to call us at

208-266-1245 for more information on setting up delivery or curbside pick up services!  

If you are looking for advice on gardening, landscaping or home orchard care, feel free to email us at anniesorchard.clarkfork@gmail.com

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