August 1st, 2022 

Annie's Orchard is Trying to Beat the Heat!

If you've been following our Instagram or Facebook pages, you'll see that Annie's Orchard is currently running a 2022 Summer Heat Special! Not only are people trying to beat the heat, but our plant selections feel that summer sun like nothing else. In order to ensure our plants make their way to a good home, Annie's Orchard is currently running 20% OFF ALL PERENNIAL SUN & SHADE PLANTS and 20% OFF ALL BERRY PRODUCING SHRUBS & VINES! Stop in today to add some new additions to your 2022 garden. Now that we have cleared the 4th of July holiday, Annie's Orchard will be closed on Sundays going forward in our growing season just like last year. With temperatures on the rise, we continue to provide show-stopping flower selections, edible fruits trees/shrubs, and spectacular ornamental finds. Still have an occasion you'd like to supply a gift for? Annie's Orchard offers customizable gift certificates redeemable at our nursery. Whether its perennials, edible plants, or a truckload of compost we've got you covered with gift certificate options this season.

Are you trying to stay cool in this hot weather? Annie's Orchard rents kayaks and a paddle board! Visit our Kayak page to discover rates & availability, or call Jan at 208-264-8606 to schedule your Lake Pend Oreille adventure today.

Pre-Order Plant Season is on the Horizon!  

 Annie's Orchard is more than understanding when it comes to gardening in the heat. With the intense sun cover we've been receiving lately, Bonnie vegetable & herb starts have left the orchard for the remainder of the season. In good news, Annie's Orchard will begin taking 2023 pre-orders requests for next growing season this August-October. Our vendors are more than ready to start planning next years garden, and we would love to make your inspirations a reality. Between our dedicated staff, on-call landscape designer, and powerhouse buyer, Annie's Orchard knows what it takes to make next season's gardens start off with a bang! 

Call 208-266-1245 to connect with an AO employee to discuss bringing in your specific variety and/or quantity of plants for next year. 

We continue to take every measure we can to protect our customers from COVID-19. As always, we encourage our immuno-compromised customers to call ahead and arrange curbside pick-up. Feel free to call us at 208-266-1245 for more information on setting up delivery or curbside pick up services!  

If you are looking for advice on gardening, landscaping or home orchard care, feel free to email us at anniesorchard.clarkfork@gmail.com

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